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Resource Documents and Downloads

The Historic Resources Code Project team has published two documents describing their proposals.  For details about the project, you can download them here:

  • Staff Report - Overview of the project and explanation of all the proposed changes.

  • Amendments - The detailed language and word-by-word changes proposed to City Code.  Each page of changes is paired with a page of commentary.  At 263 pages, it isn't an easy read!​

  • Overview - A link to the City's web page with a broad overview of the project and links to explanations of specific changes.

PCHR is proposing 4 Amendments to HRCP relating to designation, de-designation and demolition of historic resources to better align the language with the State's Goal 5 Rules for protecting historic resources:

State-wide Preservation advocates Restore Oregon drafted great testimony last year that is still relevant.  Download here.

For the latest news on Preservation wins and losses tune in to the Building on History Blog here

More on Historic Preservation's Importance to Portland:

Background documents relating to regulatory requirements and Oregon Land Use rules and Building Code Issues:

Great links to more information on Historic Preservation

Portland is required by its Certified Local Government Agreement with the State of Oregon to comply with State historic preservation standards defined in that Agreement.  The State Historic Preservation Office has crafted a Model Historic Preservation Ordinance to help cities comply with their obligations.  Download it here.  See below for more background documents.

Concerns have been raised about the impartiality of some members of the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission during their review of HRCP.  Read them here.

Historic windows and energy efficiency -- information on why repair and maintenance of historic windows can be cheaper and more environmentally friendly:


Some previous testimony documents as delivered to the Planning and Sustainability Commission during its hearings on HRCP in 2020:

Other testimony assists:

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