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About Portland Tomorrow

Isn't this just all about "Historic Preservation"?  Sort-of.  Historic Preservation laws and regulations are the vehicle for the community to say "wait a minute! Let's think about what we have that is great, that tells us about the hardships, struggles and accomplishments of those who came before us, and that we want to have as part of our future city!"

This is all about community participation and involvement.  The State and City governments -- who typically are more influenced by developer and builder interests than they are by everyday residents -- need to be reminded regularly that demolition is not the only path to building a better, more equitable city.

This website was developed by the members of the Portland Coalition for Historic Resources, a loosely organized set of individuals working to build a better Portland.  They include concerned residents, members of local historic preservation organizations, and folks active in their neighborhood associations.  PCHR members come from all kinds of backgrounds, but are united by a vision of how Portland can become a better and more welcoming city for all.

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