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How to Testify via Zoom on Dec 15...

Email testimony is very important -- but you can actually speak directly to the City Council to make sure they hear your voice!  You do that via Zoom, and will have about 2 minutes to speak.  Here are some pointers to help make your voice heard!

Tips for Oral Testimony via Zoom

  • Register NOW - You must register your name and contact information with the City on or before December 14 at 4pm.  The registration form is here.

  • Prepare - You will likely have only 2 minutes to speak.  Make the most of it!

    • Select one topic.  Either focus on Amendments 3, 5, and 6 OR pick one and comment on it in your own words.

    • Write out your remarks.  Don't plan to ad lib!  Time your remarks as you read them out loud...  Condense to get the time down to 2 minutes.  The Mayor may cut you off without finishing if you go over 2 minutes, and your full message won't be heard.

    • Decide on your Zoom device and get familiar with its operations: Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer

  • Allow Time - Even with a 2-minute limit, testimony can run for several hours.

    • Connect to the Zoom call early (the hearing starts at 2pm, Dec. 15), so you can be sure your setup works

    • Prepare to spend up to two hours waiting to be called to speak

    • Stay attentive -- you don't want to miss your chance when you are called

  • Be Patient - If there are many testifiers, and the session runs into the evening, the Mayor and the Council may decide to recess, and schedule another follow-up hearing.  Only folks who have signed up for the Dec. 15 hearing and weren't heard will be invited to that follow-up session.

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