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13th Avenue National Register Historic District, Portland, Oregon

Portland Tomorrow

Working for a better future Portland by preserving the Best Places and Landmarks of Its past

Speak Out on the proposed demolition of the Thompson Elk Fountain by the City of Portland!

How Preserving the Best of Portland Builds a Better City

The Levers That Build a Better City (click a lever for more details):

  • It's SUSTAINABLE -- energy embodied in existing structures should not be discarded carelessly in favor of new, energy-intensive replacement structures.  Proven tools for retrofitting existing buildings can extend their economic lives and ensure reaching our climate goals.

  • It's EQUITABLE -- demolition of existing "Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing" (NOAH) virtually guarantees displacement and dislocation of those least able to adapt.  New, replacement construction is almost always more expensive unless heavily subsidized.

  • It's SOUND ECONOMICS -- Cities like Portland that depend on tourism for a big share of their economy leverage the attractiveness of their historic places to generate jobs and business development.

  • It's HEALTHY -- Historic places, built before the car culture came to dominate America, remain walkable, invite foot traffic, and reward walkers and bicyclists with beautiful views that encourage healthy lifestyles.

  • It's COMMUNITY BUILDING -- Places which resonate with the personal histories of all of our community -- inclusive of our diverse cultural backgrounds -- remind us all of our shared stake in this city and our rich tapestry of contributions to its success.


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"Act as if what you do makes a difference.
It does"

William James

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